Bogdan Cristescu researched predator spatial and feeding ecology in an Eastern Cape reserve for his MSc at the Universtiy of Leeds (UK). He went on to complete a PhD in Ecology at the Universtiy of Alberta (Canada), studying grizzly bear response to open-pit mining development and reclamation. Bogdan is Research Coordinator on the PEACE Project with the Cape Leopard Trust and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cape Town. In addition to studying predator ecology and informing wildlife-human coexistence, he has wider interests in applied ecological research with conservation relevance.  personal website

Arthur Benjamin Cloete is from Concordia, Namaqualand, South Africa and works for Conservation South Africa. As MNI Officer for the Meat Natural Initiative Team Arthur is part of the Eco-Ranger Project in the Kamiesberg in the Northern Cape, South Africa, Namaqualand. He is passionate about development of small scale farmers in Namaqualand and conservation of South Africa's natural heritage. 

Heidi Hawkins has a research background in plant ecophysiology in both farmed and natural systems. In 2009 she joined the conservation non-governmental organization, Conservation South Africa (affiliated to Conservation International). This was out of a growing need to contribute to conservation through research, with an emphasis on understanding of how people, nature and economics are all functional parts of the environment. Areas that particularly interest her are the ecosystem-based approach to sustainable resource use, for example, sustainable agriculture within the context of climate change, ecosystem services provided by soils and rangelands, human-wildlife conflict and cascading interactions between wildlife, vegetation and soil.

Kristine Teichman completed a BSc (Animal Biology, Hons, Cooperative Education) at Thompson Rivers University (Canada) before graduating from the MSc program at the University of Alberta (Canada). She has volunteered on predator ecology projects in North, Central and South America to pursue her interests in wildlife behavioural ecology and predator-human coexistence. Kristine is currently a researcher working with the Cape Leopard Trust on the Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment in collaboration with Conservation South Africa and South African National Parks. She is also a PhD student at the University of British Columbia (Canada).     personal website

Elanza van Lente is the Tourism and Anatolian Dog Project Manager at Namaqua National Park (South African National Parks). Elanza has played a key role with introductions of Anatolian puppies to farmlands, ensuring all dogs receive veterinary care, maintaining farmer relations and assisting wiith the application of corrective behavioural measures to Anatolian dogs as they get used to their new sheep and goat families. 

Corlé Jansen has always been fascinated with nature and its beauty. In 2009 she received a diploma in professional photography (City Varsity, Cape Town) and later enrolled in the BSc program (Conservation Ecology) at Stellenbosch University in 2010. Corlé joined the Cape Leopard Trust in 2013 where she helped run a camera survey in the Cederberg. Using photos she compared Cederberg leopard density to Fynbos and Karoo biomes (Booysen prize: best 4th year research project). Corlé is now working on the PEACE project for her MSc work at Stellenbosch University. She will be comparing diets of predators between farmlands and a protected area. 

Malinda Gardiner works for Conservation South Africa as the Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator of the Namaqualand Landscape Program.  She has worked with farmers on conservation and sustainable agriculture since 2008 and has acted as Communications Coordinator for the Namaqualand Landscape Program.  She manages the Ecoranger side of the study and assists with farmer relations.

Academic Advisors:                                              
Dr. Karen Hodges, University of British Columbia, Canada    

Dr. Justin O'Riain, University of Cape Town, South Africa       

Dr. Alison Leslie, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Field work is complete and data analysis is underway.

Chris Vlautin, PhD                 Elbe Visser
Ryan Wilbur, BSc                   Samantha Childs, BSc
Alex Potash, BSc                   Steph Cunningham, BSc
Luca Mendes, DVM               Sean McHugh, BSc
David Roberts, DVM              George Simpson, BSc
JC Botha, DVM                       Mark Bellstadt, BSc  
Bradley Larson, BSc               Ulysse Faure, BSc
Charlotte Beaton, BSc            Shea O'Driscoll, BSc
Jenny Gelling, DVM                Lauren Shinkwin, BSc
Jessica Gomez, BSc               Cadi Schiffer, BSc
Carolyn Dunford, BSc             Levi Borka, DVM
Jared Franklin, BSc                 Dan Armstrong, BSc
Kenneth Loonam, BSc            Kelsey Wellington, BSc
Victor Martin, DVM                 Jacques de Satge, BSc
Sam Puls, MSc                        Gillian Piper, BSc
Sinead Reynolds, MSc            Julie Thomas, BSc
Hannah Kobluk, BSc                Jack Rossiter, BSc
Amanda Dailey, BSc                Josa Persson, BSc
Cassandra Flint, BSc                Hennie Venter, DVM
Lina Gerber, DVM                     Bruce Stevens, DVM
Brandon Bernhardt, BSc         Joseph Broughton
Jizel Miles, BSc                        Hannah Watkins
Karin Snyder, BSc