The Succulent Karoo is a botantical biodiversity hotspot in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The study area encompasses central-eastern Namaqua National Park and neighbouring farmlands where leopard, caracal and jackal have been known to take livestock, particularly sheep and goats.

The Predator Ecology and Coexistence Experiment is a collaborative project that involves partnership with the Cape Leopard Trust, Conservation South Africa, South Africa National Parks as well as national and international academic institutions. The primary project aim is to test methods of farm management that are both ecologically and economically supportive. To achieve this, we have applied a rigorous study design that includes treatments, replication and control. In addition to testing the effectiveness of methods to limit livestock losses and conserve biological diversity, we will also explore spatial and temporal predator movement patterns in response to our treatments, test predator recognition theory by livestock in response to predation risk, identify differences in predator diet on farmlands and a protected area and determine whether human-induced trophic cascades are occurring on farmlands.

We gratefully acknowledge all of following funders and sponsors for their assistance: